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最新公告 Latest News

大家好,首先感謝各位對活動的支持,Startup, Starts Now! 國內外的報名情況相當踴躍,一共來自11個不同國家、約300位的同學報名,我們邀請多位專家學者從中挑選出40位學員參與本次創業交流營隊,入選及備取學員名單如本頁下方所示。

Greeting to everyone,
First of all, we would like to make thanks to all of you for your support to Startup, Starts Now! Entrepreneurial Summer Camp. This year we have more than 300 students from 10 different countries all over the world applied for the camp, and we are here happy to announce the final list of the selected 40 candidates.
The selected candidates of this event are as below.

(Domestic Students Admission&Waiting List)
(Foreign Students Admission&Waiting List)
(Domestic Foreign Students Admission&Waiting List)

Those students who are on the list, please check your email box for further information. Thank You.

The organizer reserve the right to make changes to the event.

關於活動 About the camp

運用大專校院青年暑期時間,辦理國際創新創業交流營隊,促進 新南向國家創新創業青年多向交流,期許未來有機會促成跨國新創企業、促 進區域經濟資源、服務共享與發展。十天豐富的青年創業學習、交流、參訪 及環境、文化體驗行程,藉向創業投資公司和天使投資人進行面談與交流的 機會,為構想獲得天使投資。

The summer camp aims to encourage the exchange of innovation ideas and entrepreneurship thinking between the younger generations in Asia. Through this program, we hope to facilitate cross-border startups, promote and share the development of regional economic resources and services. The 10-days program including entrepreneurship courses, ideas exchanging (between the participants and the investors), company visits, and cultural experience trip.

重要日程 Important Dates

Deadline Countdown

2018. 05. 31

Result Announcement

2018. 07.


2018. 08. 01

2018. 08. 10

申請前請看這裡 Before Application

注意事項 Notice

Upload the following documents in the google sheet.

  1. 參加聲明書 (附件一,需簽字掃描)
  2. 法定代理人同意書(未成年須填) (附件二,需簽字掃描)
  3. 學生證 (掃描檔)
  1. Declaration Form (Appendix I, scan with signature)
  2. Declaration of Consent from legal representative (For under 18 years old applicant) (Appendix II, scan with signature)
  3. Student ID (Scan)

期限Deadline: 2018.05.31(Mon.)24:00(GMT+8)

臺灣時間107 年5 月31 日(四) 24:00 截止
※ 未於時間內完成報名及上傳資料者,視同放棄資格。

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